Creating Space for Community

Who We Are

The vision of Philo Collective is unique, yet purposeful. Discover how the dreams of two best friends collided to create the collective.

Create Space

The mission of Philo Collective is to create space for doers, movers, creators and connectors. Our community is strengthened when we inspire and encourage individuals.

Just Breathe

The most important part of yoga is the breath. Through online and in-person yoga classes, we aim to create space for purpose, movement, joy, and breath.


Coming to your mat allows you to soak in the present moment with a heightened level of awareness. Focusing on your breath gives you a new perspective on life. Flowing through the asanas allows you to literally move through time.

More Ways To Connect

Whether you are looking for a sweet treat to celebrate special moments, wanting to connect with your community, or looking for inspiration… you are in the right place!


Our specialty French treats designed to create space for celebrating both big and small moments of life. Check out our classic and luxe flavor options!


Community events are designed to create space for connection while celebrating our Favorite Things. Visit our Events page for more info!


Reading creates space for inspiration. Check out our blog to see what has been encouraging, challenging, and inspiring us lately.