Purpose. Movement. Joy. Breath.

It has been almost a year since the coronavirus pandemic shut down life as we knew it. Which also means, it’s been almost a year since the dream for Philo Collective began to form. That is wild!

In February 2020, most Americans were traveling, socializing, eating, spending, and moving our bodies exactly how we wanted. But then, stay at home orders forced us to pause. For many of us, we had to find new ways to work, connect, exercise and use our newfound free time. The limitations sadly created problems for many businesses, but also spurred on incredible amounts of creativity and energy for new projects. And that is how we got started.

When the yoga studio that I was teaching at made the decision to permanently close last spring, I began to think and dream about where and how to continue sharing my passion for yoga. At the same time, I started baking French macarons and sharing them with friends and family. The more I explored these creative outlets, the more I began to consider how to combine my passions into one adventure.

I’ve always been inspired by green plants and blooming flowers, so it was natural that my philodendron plant sparked both the name and the vibe of the branding for this business. The prefix philo means “a love of or an affinity for.” It is so fitting that Philo is a collection of things I love, and in the first few months since our launch, it has been an absolute joy to share those things with people in our community and beyond!

In everything we do, our desire is to help people connect. Whether that means sweating it out together in a yoga class, gathering at one of our events to learn a new skill, or relishing in the delight of eating sweet treats, we are aiming to create meaningful experiences to enjoy together!

Thanks for following this Philo Collective journey! There are so many great things yet to come.


Published by L.M. Beatty

Passionate Believer. Freelance writer. Addicted to coffee, sunshine & laughter. Loves to untangle knots. Reads magazines out of order. Thinks cake is a separate food group. Inspired to find & share about the remarkable things that make life extraordinary.

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