Favorite Things Event – Coffee & Canvas

One of the main goals of Philo Collective has always been to create space for people to explore things that bring them joy and inspiration, and to help fuel their creative juices. Emily and I love planning and hosting events, so adding workshops to our Philo Collective offerings was an easy decision.

After the success of our first Favorite Things event last fall, we planned a Coffee & Canvas workshop that we hosted this past weekend. Looking back through photos from the day, it was obviously another hit!

We were able to use a beautiful space at GatheringPoint Church for the event, as well as their espresso machine (which I manage as a barista on Sunday mornings). Our guests were greeted with a welcome note, a Philo Collective journal and a packet of watercolor painted notecards tied up with string! We love adding these types of extra details to surprise (and hopefully delight) everyone who comes to one of our events.

For this Coffee & Canvas event, we offered handcrafted lattes, a light Chex mix and of course, our signature French macarons, and I instructed the group how to paint a spring bouquet. Fresh cut daffodils and eucalyptus branches around the room provided tangible inspiration for the paintings.

A few of my favorite things from the event:
1. The positive energy of people being able to safely gather together for an event!

2. Honey cinnamon latte with oat milk (my personal fav).

3. Watching people try something new, even/especially if they were previously convinced they couldn’t do it.

4. Reading the cards everyone clipped up on our Joy Wall. Hearing the things that bring other people joy always brings me inspiration.

5. Raspberry & vanilla macarons. Sometimes the simplest flavors make the biggest impressions!


Published by L.M. Beatty

Passionate Believer. Freelance writer. Addicted to coffee, sunshine & laughter. Loves to untangle knots. Reads magazines out of order. Thinks cake is a separate food group. Inspired to find & share about the remarkable things that make life extraordinary.

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