Cheers to Our 2nd Year!

Although the unofficial Philo Collective anniversary hails back to May 2020, our operations became official in January 2021. So, at the close of 2022, we celebrate a fantastic end to our second full year of yoga, bakery & events!

To celebrate, let’s look at highlights in each of our operational categories from the past year:

– More classes, more fun: We started the year with one class per week, added a second class during the summer and finished with three regular classes per week in the last quarter. That meant Lo was teaching an average of 12 classes each month (!), which also meant we needed a few subs along the way. It was great to have Kristine & Victoria pop in to teach some flows.

– Outdoor yoga: we enjoyed the lovely fall weather as we practiced together Sunday afternoons in September. Fortunately, the rain only drove us inside one time. It’s so special to flow in nature and we were grateful to Olivet Nazarene University for allowing us to use their outdoor space.

– A thriving community: We have THE BEST yoga community. Such positive people, such great energy. It is such a joy to be around truly good people.

So many orders: Between the farmers’ market & consistent outside orders throughout the year, we baked:
– 800 anise pizzelle
– 650 chocolate pizzelle
– 300 gluten free anise pizzelle
– 360 double-chocolate espresso biscotti
– 450 cantucci (lemon-almond) biscotti
– 30 spiced chai biscotti
– 324 coconut chocolate macaroon
– 180 lemon madeleine
– 126 slices of olive & herb focaccia bread
– 480 chocolate chip scones
– 544 cranberry orange scones
– 16 cinnamon chip scones
– 1590 macarons (8 different flavors)

It was quite a lot of baking, but we are so thankful to be able to provide delicious treats to so many people. We love helping our customers celebrate major milestones, share a meal with people they love or delight someone with a sweet snack.

This year, we really honed in on our perceived strengths and limited our event category to just hosting periodic book & dinner clubs. During three unique club sessions, we read, talked, laughed and cried through “To Shake The Sleeping Self,” “Under the Tuscan Sun” and “Delicious!

The discussions were exceptional, fueled by honest conversations between multigenerational women. We ate SO well, but the highlight was always time well spent together!

From two very grateful (rather exhausted) small business owners, we are signing off on a really wonderful year. See you soon in 2023!

Lo & Emily

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