Book & Dinner Club—Taste: My Life Through Food

We were so excited to be able to sneak in our fifth Book & Dinner Club this spring. We think everyone else was too because we sold out within 24 hours!

It was such a joy to spend the past six Tuesday nights with 10 amazing women to eat delicious food made from recipes either included in or inspired by Stanley Tucci’s book, Taste: My Life Through Food. Part memoir, part cook book, this New York Times bestseller was an easy and very fun read. The book connected Stanley’s passion for food to his appreciation for family traditions, love of travel, an illustrious career in entertainment, and the power of creating community through a shared meal.

It was a treat to read about food through the words of someone who clearly cares about what he cooks & consumes; not because of how it will impact his diet, but because of how it will facilitate a very present experience and bring awareness to the fullness of life. Everyone laughed, some cried, and we all parted ways each Tuesday with satisfied bellies and full hearts from a lovely evening of good food and better conversations.

Want to replicate our delicious book & dinner club? Check out what we enjoyed each week below.

Week 1
– Simple salad with greens
– Tomato salad (Tucci recipe)
– Sautéed zucchini
– Pasta con aglio e olio (Tucci recipe)
– Philo Collective signature cantucci (lemon-almond biscotti)
– Philo Collective signature sundried tomato focaccia bread

Week 2
– Simple salad with greens
Garganelli noodles from scratch
– Ragù (Tucci recipe)
– Italian bread
– Poached pears with gorgonzola and toasted walnuts (revisited recipe from our 3rd book & dinner club – Frances Mayes’ Under the Tuscan Sun)

Week 3
Italian sausage stuffed mushrooms
– Roasted green beans
Spaghetti carbonara
– Dried figs & toasted walnuts
– Philo Collective signature anise pizzelle

Week 4
– Caprese salad (tomato slices, fresh mozzarella and basil)
Fettuccini noodles from scratch
– Pino Posteraro’s Ragout alla Bolognese sauce (Tucci recipe)
Roasted eggplant and onions
Brutti ma buoni (hazelnut cookies)
Spiced pecan meringues

Week 5
– Angel hair noodles from scratch
– Marinara (Tucci recipe, not included in the book)
– Roasted eggplant with capers and burrata
– Joan and Stan’s (Safely) Roasted Potatoes (Tucci recipe)
– Philo Collective double chocolate espresso biscotti tricoti topped with homemade whipped cream and fresh raspberries

Week 6
– Pasta Fagioli (Tucci recipe)
– Salad with olive oil & vinegar topped with sautéed cherry tomatoes and pepperoncini peppers
– Angel hair noodles from scratch
– Zucchine alla Nerano (Tucci recipe)
– Philo Collective signature sundried tomato focaccia bread
– Affogato (vanilla gelato and Nespresso)
– Philo Collective coconut chocolate macaroons

p.s. Still hungry for more?
1. Read the book. Or if you more into audio books, listen to Stanley read the book to you himself!
2. Follow Stanley on Instagram. He frequently posts cooking and travel videos.
3. Order some biscotti, focaccia bread or any of our other delicious Philo baked goods.
4. Sign up for the next Philo Collective Book & Dinner club. Registration will open later this summer!

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