Biscotti — Our favorite twice-baked cookie

We are already a month into our second year at the local farmers’ market and we have loved sharing more of “European-inspired” baked goods with the community. One of the main goals of Philo Collective is to create space for people to learn and grow together and it’s been very fun to share our baking knowledge!

One of our old-faithful’s of best-selling products are our biscotti. These breadstick-shaped cookies are traditional Tuscan treats made to enjoy alongside a shot of espresso.

They are very hard, having been baked twice at a medium oven temperature which dries out the dough (to be resuscitated by your morning coffee or tea). Expecting the more typical American circular cookie of soft, ooey goodness, people are easily turned off from biscotti’s dense, crunchy texture, but they are one of our favorites!

To be certain, biscotti aren’t exactly a revolution in the Midwest. You can usually find them at the cash register at some franchise coffee shops and occasionally on the shelves at grocery stores. Biscotti are very shelf-stable and are a great pantry staple to pull out for guests (or a late-night snack). Of course, we believe that fresh-baked cookies are the best kind of cookies!

At the market, we offer two flavors of biscotti – the traditional cantucci (lemon & toasted almond) and our signature double-chocolate espresso. The recipe for cantucci doesn’t call for any dairy so it’s a great option for customers needing to abide by a dairy-free diet. The double-chocolate espresso, on the other hand is full of delicious butter, giving them a more crispy and delicate texture.

If you haven’t had a chance to try our biscotti, we highly encourage that you pick up a pack at the next market. For those who aren’t local, you can always order a tin of biscotti to be shipped directly to you.

We are always interested in trying new recipes and flavor combinations so leave us a comment if you have any suggestions for us to try!

Published by L.M. Beatty

Passionate Believer. Freelance writer. Addicted to coffee, sunshine & laughter. Loves to untangle knots. Reads magazines out of order. Thinks cake is a separate food group. Inspired to find & share about the remarkable things that make life extraordinary.

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